What is CBD? Canbidiol (CBD) is a natural substance extracted from the Cannabis plant. While some CBD oils and other products may contain very small amounts of THC, CBD itself does not offer any psychoactive side effects.

How can CBD help me? Studies have shown that CBD can reduce chronic pain, treat seizures, aid sleep, anxiety, and many other physical and mental ailments. You should consult your doctor before using to assess whether CBD is right for you.

Is CBD safe? CBD is considered safe and well tolerated by most individuals. Very rare and mild side effects can include dry mouth, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue.

Is CBD legal? It is essential that people are familiar with local laws before purchasing or using CBD. Bontà will not ship to any country, state or address where CBD is not currently legal. Currently, the sale and use of CBD in Brazil is under medical prescription only. Contact your doctor.

How to order? When you are ready to place your order you will create an account on our website. To place the order we will need the medical prescription, proof of residence, CPF and/or RG.

What is the deadline? Bontà guarantees that your order will be evaluated, verified and shipped to Brazil within one week. Upon arrival at ANVISA, the release of the product is in accordance with the agency.